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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  December 29, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> live. local. latebreaking. wval in hd. >> drug smuggling to the port of baltimore. one of brokerage habeus premiere family cruise ships. three royal caribbean crewmembers in federal custody, charged with smuggling drugs through the port of baltimore. i am debra weiner. the crew members allegedly bought heroin and cocaine in the dominican republic and planned to sell it outside of the walmart. more now on this. >> investigators say a fellow crew member sounded the alarm after the ship stopped in the dominican republic during a 12- day caribbean cruise. agents were waiting when the enchantment of the sea world -- see it pulled into the port of baltimore. >> it sailed into town under blue skies last summer to make baltimore its home port.
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on december 18, federal agents stood ready to meet the 189 put ship as a return from a 12-day cruise. the federal court documents reveal the security officer told immigration enforcement that a 35-year-old crewmember was possibly smuggling drugs with co-workers. according to a federal affidavit, agents found heroin in his pants along with two packages of cocaine disguised as shoe insoles. he admitted that he and two other crew members picked up the drugs from the dominican republic and planned to sell them to contact at the front of the wal-mart for $4,000. agents showed up at the wal- mart, where cameras captured images of the 27-year-old exiting and entering a car. he confessed to selling drugs from the dominican republic which were found on the passenger of the car. the three crew members were arrested and charged with conspiracy to import heroin and
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cocaine. as were the passenger of the car and the driver. royal caribbean international maintains a strict zero tolerance policy regarding drugs on the ships. they take steps to prevent the transport of illegal narcotics, working closely with customers and for protection. we will continue providing anything necessary to prosecute these individuals to the fullest extent of the law. the enchantment of the seas is still selling on schedule as three former crewmembers remain on shore in federal custody. >> a judge ordered the remain in federal custody along with their former shipmates. >> is this a more common occurrence than we think? >> it actually is. we did a little bit of research and found these cases are not unusual. we did find dozens of similar arrests. one thing that is unique is that this case involved a large
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quantity of drugs, much more than the other busts. >> an update on the story we brought you as breaking news. eight people were sickened by carbon monoxide leak inside a southwest baltimore liquor store. crews were called just after 4:30. eight people taken to the hospital. none seriously ill. no word on the exact source. we are also learning more about the deadly leak in east baltimore. a 30-year-old and 40-year-old died after being exposed to the gas. their bodies were discovered inside their apartment in the 1700 block of guilford avenue. two men and a child were also found unconscious. those three are expected to recover. the other big story -- how to police say the arrest of two teams accused of killing a man outside a pizza shop have led them to a break in a second unsolved murder case.
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investigators say they believe vincent and shawn johnson also killed a 7-eleven store clerk back in december. barry sims has the details. >> solving the armed robbery and murder of the clerk at the seven eleven store -- police relied on surveillance video and interviewed with the community. that led them to teenaged suspect. >> the detectives did good old- fashioned police work and developed leads to witness statements, forensics, and search and seizure warrants. >> 18-year-old sean johnson was already in custody, charged with another murder at the pizza shop. police believe both robberies were planned. back in august, 48-year-old store clerk ysef was found outside the store. police say surveillance cameras captured video of three masked
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men walking into the store and announcing the recovery. police say he was shot as he tried to run out the door. in august, a customer told us how he tried to spot up -- stop him. >> i automatically called 911. i saw a hole in the side of his best. >> the man had only been in the country two years. 7-eleven was the target of robberies in the past. several times, the teenagers had been asked to leave the store. >> i feel really bad the we lost one of our employees. i wish that had never happened in my store. but it has happened. >> the teenagers are charged in the november murder of an innocent bystander at the pizza shop in the 600 block of
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baltimore and annapolis boulevard. the 20-year-old was shot when four men attempted to rob the pizza place. according to police, they had told the robbers to leave. police are investigating possible gang ties. >> based on investigation, we believe one is a verify gang member. others may be classified as one of the gang members. -- as one wannabe -- as wannabe gang members. it is upsetting that juveniles are resorting to murder to accomplish their goal. >> so far, police have not been able to find the weapon used. the believe it is a shotgun. 7-eleven is still offering a $30,000 award for information. >> a story on those -- almost to stretch to believe. a 22-year-old woman remains behind bars after stripping down
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and running wild inside a store. it happened earlier this month inside the royal farms on royalty way. sheriff's deputies responded to complaints of a naked woman accosting customers and employees, making sexually suggestive comments. when deputies arrived, jennifer was outside waiting for them. as they attempted to arrest her, she kicked two deputies before being subdued. she faces a host of charges including indecent exposure and assault. a furniture store exploded in michigan early this evening and at least one person was killed, others trapped, after the family owned stores roof collapsed. natural gas is believed to be because of the gas. firefighters are being careful not to cause additional explosions as they search for people still possibly trapped. after the winter storm pounded parts of the northeast, one new jersey mayor is using his social network to help some residents get by. the new work mayor has been
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responding to put your messages from people needing help of -- the newark mayor has been responding to twitter messages from people needing help after the storm. >> after the next two days, i will want to rest. >> he helped a woman who thought she was going into labor. in delaware tonight, word that defeated republican senate candidate christine o'donnell is being investigated by federal authorities. a source with knowledge of the investigation says o'donnell broke the law by using campaign money to pay personal expenses. she raised more than $7.30 million for her failed campaign. in d.c. today, the maryland terps coach is out with a bang. more from the military ball. >> maryland has not parted ways.
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the deed is done. the coach shows that you handle adversity as well as fridge. he goes out on top. maryland put together an offensive assault on the pirates. d j adams reached the end zone four times today. the military bowl mvp. touchdown runs in maryland bowl history -- the longest touchdown runs in maryland bowl history. the team won 51-20. freegan is a class act. >> i am always going to be there for you. if you have problems and need someone to talk to, you have my cell phone. i always have time for you. you're like my children. [laughter]
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>> later, more from ralph region as he looks at his legacy in maryland. >> still ahead, some people will do anything to write the perfect wave. will show a few brave surfers next. i look back at 2010, the disasters across the country. >> some baltimore county residents are facing eviction tonight after they were robbed at gunpoint. i will explain.
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>> if you win mega millions, what are you going to do with the money? >> give it to my wife. [laughter] >> you are his wife?
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>> that is right. >> he is quick to give it all to you? >> that is a good husband. folks all over maryland are making plans for how they would spend $237 million, the current mega millions jackpot. with the tax option and after -- with the immediate option and after taxes, you could walk away with $93 million. she could use a little luck tonight. she was robbed at gunpoint with her rent money while waiting to pay it, and now she may be evicted. we are live at baltimore county police headquarters with more on what happened appear -- happened here. >> police are searching for the suspect. this woman cannot catch a break. she borrowed money to pay the rent she owed. she and several other tenants were robbed of their mind money as they were waiting in line to pay it. now they cannot find more money and will have to find a new place to live.
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>> this woman wants her identity concealed because the suspects who robbed her of more than $600 upfront money at gunpoint are still out there. >> he said give me all your money, this is a stickup. >> she was in line monday morning outside this building. the hand went to workers at the apartment complex behind these windows. the management company only accepts credit cards or cash if you are late on your rent. only those paying on time can pay by check and use drop box. this woman and many others in line only had cash, making them prime targets for at least two gunmen. >> what do you mean it is a stickup? i am trying to pay my rent. i do not have any money. i am just trying to pay my rent so i do not get evicted. >> six others were dropped. suspects got away with nearly $2,500 cash. workers behind the glass ducked
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underneath their desks. security cameras were inside the building, but the guard never came out to help. >> the system allows people to line up outside of a building with cash. >> it sucks. it sucks. why should we be upside because we are late? >> because her rent is now even more past due things to the robbery, she got this eviction notice today, this unemployed resident of the complex for 15 years. she has until january 3 to pay up or get out. >> i think they should have this taken care of. it is their property. who wants to be rocket? i do not think it is fair. -- wants to be arabica -- who wants to be robbed? i don't think it's fair. [piano music]
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>> continuing our year in review, 2010 was a year that brought a number of tragedies to our country, from heartbreaking accidents to unfhomable? of nature. -- to unfathomable acts of nature. >> the deepwater horizon burst into flames april 20. 11 workers were killed and nearly five minutes -- nearly 5 million barrels of oil escaped into the gulf of mexico, the worst oil spill in american history. the gulf economy is expected to fill the effect for years to come. west virginia was hit with the worst mining disasters in the u.s. in 40 years. 29 workers were killed in an april explosion at a coal mine. the accident devastated the thai community and prompted numerous investigations into mining safety. >> something like this has not happened and must not happen
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again. a big you to do something. the neighborhood in san bruno, california was shaken by a national -- a natural gas explosion in september. it killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. >> everything is level. to give you an idea of how hot this fire was, the heat melted this taillight. >> the preliminary investigation found a power failure at a pacific gas and electric terminal contributed to the explosion. record rainfall brought devastating flood waters to tennessee in may. 23 people were killed in storm related incidents. nashua alone was left with $1.50 billion in property damage. even the grand old opry had to close for repairs. the flash flood at the remote arkansas can ground in june took the lives of 15 people. >> there were so many people show to help me. we just could not reach them. >> spread them on the ground
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right now. >> tornadoes tore an especially violent path across the u.s. in 2010, a nearly a mile wide twister in april in mississippi, killing 10 people including three young children in just one day in may. there were reports of 42 tornados in kansas and oklahoma. the storms killed five people and injured dozens. an ohio high school was destroyed the day before graduation in june by a deadly tornado that took seven lives. >> these things are really meaningful for families, and it is gone. everything is destroyed. >> just two nights left in our look back at 2010. tomorrow, we will remember those we have lost this past year. friday, the rise of social media and how 2010 could go down as the year of facebook. we also rounded up the best stories of the year from you, your best photos and videos
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taken throughout the year, all on >> and now, your insta-weather plus forecast. >> we had sunshine and temperatures made it into the upper 40's. the average high temperature is 43. it would get warmer to the next couple of days. we are watching rain to our west. light rain showers across the ohio valley. summer rains in tennessee and ohio. it is trying to work its way eastward baltimore, but there is an area of high pressure blocking it. some of the high, thin clouds from that system are making it into maryland tonight. we'll call it clear to partly cloudy for the rest of tonight. with the air dry and the winds calmed, the temperatures could drop into the upper teens and low 20's in some of the suburbs. right now, the temperatures are in the mid-20s in most of baltimore.
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36 downtown and 31 degrees [unintelligible] in clear to partly cloudy skies that will be sunny in the morning, but quiet. temperatures between 20 and 28 degrees. high pressure will be anchored in the mid-atlantic region, keeping us dry. when will try to come in but will not be able to. as soon as the high pressure moves off the coast, are wins will turn to the southwest and we will warm up to the 54 the next couple of days. for this time of year, that is pretty good. clubs during the day tomorrow. mild with high temperatures between 47 and 52 degrees. sunrise at 7:00 for the six. at the end of the week, the storm system that has been stalled since wednesday will ease over to the east. some of the rain will catch up with us as we turn into 2011. the jet stream is going into the northern part of california. it is still want to stamp out
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for new year's day. new year's eve, 54 for a high temperature. no rain friday night as return the corner into the new year. a good chance for rain late in the afternoon. still warm. a high temperature near 54. sunday, the front is one to stall a little bit and keep the chance of rain showers in the picture off and on. it will be cooler. if you go to the ravens' game, expect stamp conditions and temperatures in the mid-40s. -- expect damp conditions and temperatures in the mid-40s. >> if we have learned anything from the endless summer, it is that the search for the perfect wave knows no limits. this brave canadians say the storm left behind ideal certain conditions. good way to do not show up very often in nova scotia, so when they do you take advantage. searching for the perfect wave that is not limited to north america. it is not even limited to the
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ocean. german surfers decided it would be cool to catch a wave in munich by hopping into the river. that tradition is alive and well. >> ralph friedgen wraps up a decade in maryland. >> it is power ball, america's favorite jackpot game. i am tracy louis. your jackpot is a guaranteed $20 million. for just $2 more, you can add our power play options. tonight you're multiplier is too. 18 is your first white ball number. that is followed by the number
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37. mary is one of our many winners. next up, we have no. 20. coming up right now, next number is the no. 16. your last number this evening is the no. 3. here comes your power ball. it is the no. 30. good luck. here again are your winning power ball numbers for this evening. remember to make universal orlandoiv
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>> 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> acc coach of the year. no denying the decade with ralph friedgen was a heckuva lot better than the one prior. but the athletics director once a new start to bring more revenue to the school. on the way out, ralph friedgen reminded us he can coach. in the military and all, -- military bowl, he goes out in style. four short touchdown runs. the defense held. dominant davis 150 yards. he takes the past, thinking about the end zone. so close, down to the one. adams scored a minute later, then atoms again. you are not going to bring him down with a tackle. the fireworks come from scott.
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61 yards? we can safely call that enormous. maryland relaxing. scott is not done. from his own 9 yard line, this defender got a hand on him. 91 yards. the longest touchdown runs in school history -- he did them today. maryland 151-20. ralph friedgen leaves a legacy for which you will not apologize. >> my legacy is what it is. 75-50. it is how i treated people, who i am as a person, what i represent. i can look in the mirror and have no problems with doing it. i gave the best i had for 10 years. obviously, that is not good enough right now. that is what hurts. >> it does.
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maryland's men's basketball team is 9-4 after a comfortable win in north florida at the contest center. williams' 17 points, 11 rebounds. his new year's resolution is to get better at the line. the ravens' make the playoffs, trying to become the team to win a playoff game in the last four years. they might expect problems on the offense, as far as handling of the ball. mason and alton just blocked their butt off. a bigger picture right now is taking shape. >> i have been fortunate enough to be in the playoffs three years straight. i was just a third down guy. i just want to play. that is one thing about the guys on our team. we just want to play one game. we speak about it all the time
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as the big game. >> we finally have a conclusion to the brett favre sexual harassment sawed up. the league fined him $50 thousand. that stemmed from voice mails left and text message pictures. the league could not say for certain that the pictures were of the graphic nature. the lack of evidence. nba action tonight in d.c. a good chance the wizard's get the win. at home now, they are 8-7. john wall and the wizards posting indiana. nick young gets a break up. he knows what to do with it. 83-69. he had 25 points for the team. the wizards a comfortable, relaxing effort, win at 104.
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>> it may feel like spring. >> 54 degrees. almost 10 degrees above usual. everything is relative. 54 on friday. it should stay dry for new year's eve. new year's eve, there may be rain late in the afternoon. the ravens' game on sunday -- there may be a couple of showers afterwards in the forties. 50's in the next few days. next week, i do not see any big
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arctic outbreaks. >> the tonight show is next.
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